AML Support

Our services include the development of the regulatory universe, gap analysis and benchmarking as well as designing and implementation planning of the Policies and Procedure Manuals.


KYC Remediation

We provide the services of setting up a customer identification program and conducting client risk assessment. Additionally, we assist in the process of client outreach for remediation of expired/missing KYC.


AML Audit

We provide the services of conducting the independent audit function to examine the organization’s AML compliance program.


Customer Data Cleansing & Update

Our services include correcting or eliminating inaccurate or irrelevant customer data and updating the database with the right information.


AML Reporting Standards

We support in preparing comprehensive reports in accordance with relevant regulatory authorities. Reports will be generated based on the organization’s requirements, i.e., weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly or yearly.


AML In-Sourcing