Corporate Governance

High Standards of Corporate Governance helps organizations provide assurance to its stakeholders on the sustainability

CG Framework

Our services include providing gap analysis on existing framework vis-a-vis industry standards and develop a robust corporate governance framework commensurate with the size and complexity of the organization.

CG Eco-System

Our services include implementation of the entire CG Eco-System including policy, procedure, approval authority matrix, etc. The core is to enhance the stakeholder value and promote accountability through better governance standards.

Corporate Governance Office

Our services include setting up a centralized Corporate Governance Office (CGO) for organizations including the charter of the unit, JDs/KPIs for executives, reporting framework, etc.

Board & Board Committees Reporting Packs

With the changing governance landscape, our core services include developing detailed MI packs for Board & Board Committee reporting including disclosure checklist, reporting standards, etc.