Internal Audit Assurance

Internal Audit Assurance Services

AJMS Global provides an Internal Audit services to hundreds of organizations, with thousands of auditors and specialists, in many markets and industries. The systems, capabilities and collective knowledge we deploy, can deliver sharp and objective insights and high value to our clients.

The AJMS Global experts’ role of internal audit is to provide independent assurance that an organization’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

To be effective, the internal audit activity must have qualified, skilled and experienced people who can work in accordance with the Code of Ethics and the International Standards.

The Process of Internal Auditing Service

  • Deploy Continuous Auditing/Continuous Monitoring
  • Advise on ERP
  • IAD Staff Loaning
  • Evaluate the internal controls for compliance like Sox
  • IAD out-sourcing
  • IAD co-sourcing
  • Greenfield IAD set-up
  • IAD transformation

Types of Audit Services

AJMS Global of Internal Auditing provides the following types of audit services to the organizations:

Operational, Financial, Compliance and Information Technology Audits / Assurance Services – Assurance services involve the objective assessment of information, facts, or data by Internal Auditing to provide an independent opinion or conclusion.  The scope and nature of assurance services may include reviewing and evaluating for: operational efficiencies and effectiveness; reliability of financial and operational systems; adequacy and clarity of policies and procedures; compliance with university policy and state and federal law; safeguarding of assets; accomplishment of objectives and goals; or other agreed-upon procedures.

Consulting Services – Consulting services are advisory and other service activities include counsel, advice, facilitation, process design and limited training. The objective of consulting services is to add value in the development or modification of processes, procedures, and controls to minimize risk and achieve objectives. The nature and scope of particular consulting services are agreed upon with management. Internal Audit will not assume management’s responsibilities in order to maintain appropriate objectivity and independence.

Special Investigations – Investigations evaluate allegations of fraudulent business practices and/or misconduct involving financial or operational matters to determine if allegations are substantiated and to prevent future occurrences.

Follow-up Engagements – Follow-up engagements evaluate plans and actions taken to correct previously reported conditions as a result of completed audits and investigations.