Departmental GST Audit

Expert Support for Departmental GST Audits: Ensuring Compliance with Ease

Welcome to our specialized services for handling Departmental GST Audits, meticulously crafted to alleviate the complexities and ensure seamless compliance with Goods and Services Tax (GST) regulations. At AJMS Global, we understand the challenges businesses face when undergoing audits by tax authorities. We offer comprehensive support to navigate through these audits with confidence and ease.

Assistance for Responding to Audit Notices from the Adjudicating Authority

Review and Guidance on Audit Notices: Upon receiving an Audit Notice from the Assessing Officer, we meticulously review the notice and advise our clients on the information and documents required for an effective response.

Documentary Review from GST Perspective: We assess the information and documents provided by our clients, ensuring compliance with GST laws and regulations.

Drafting Assistance for Response: Our team provides valuable assistance in drafting comprehensive replies to Audit Notices, addressing all relevant points raised by the Assessing Officer.

Guidance on Expected Queries: We advise on standard questions and checklists based on publicly available FAQs, anticipating potential queries from the Audit Officer during their visit to client premises.

Tailored Response Drafting: Utilizing the information and documents provided by the client, we assist in crafting responses that align with GST regulations and effectively address audit inquiries.

Assistance During the Department Audit Process

Review and Advice on Additional Information Requests: We review additional information requests issued by the Assessing Officer and advise clients on suitable information and documents for submission.

Collated Information Review: Our team assists in reviewing the information and documents compiled by clients for submission to the Assessing Officer.

On-Premise Review Representation: We provide support during on-premise reviews conducted by the Assessing Officer at client locations, ensuring compliance and clarity throughout the process.

Drafting Replies to Additional Letters: We offer assistance in drafting replies to any additional letters or queries issued by the Assessing Officer during the audit process.

Follow-up and Compliance Monitoring: Our team conducts follow-ups with the Assessing Officer to track the status of applications and responses, ensuring timely and efficient compliance.

Tax, Interest, and Penalty Computation Support: In light of findings by the Assessing Officer, we provide assistance in computing any applicable tax, interest, or penalties, facilitating incremental deposits as necessary.

We prioritize client satisfaction and compliance, offering tailored assistance to navigate the complexities of Departmental GST Audits with ease.

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