GST Advisory Services


Welcome to AJMS Global, your trusted partner for all GST advisory needs. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in providing comprehensive GST advisory services tailored to your business requirements. Here’s how we can assist you:

Routine Advisory Services

  • Input Tax Credit Eligibility Review: We meticulously review and analyze your input tax credit eligibility, offering insightful comments based on the description of goods/services available in your inward supply’s registers.
  • Letter of Undertaking (LUT) Applications: Simplify your export processes with our assistance in applying for Letter of Undertaking (LUT) applications under the GST law, ensuring smooth facilitation of exports without GST payment hassles.
  • Compliance Calendar Management: Stay ahead of compliance deadlines with our assistance in updating your monthly and yearly compliance calendar. We ensure that you meet all GST compliance requirements in a timely manner, as per the latest GST laws and regulations.
  • Job-work Return Preparation: Let us handle the preparation, review, and filing of your job-work returns in Form ITC-04 using offline utility. We will work closely with you, utilizing the information provided to ensure accurate and compliant submissions.
  • Penalty and Interest Advisory: Avoid potential penalties and interest charges by relying on our expert advice. We assess the procedural non-compliance issues, if any and provide guidance on mitigating penalty implications, keeping your business operations smooth and hassle-free.
  • GST Rate Determination: Wondering about the applicable GST rate for new products? Our team offers expert advices based on HSN codes or product attributes provided by you, ensuring accurate GST rate determination for your products.
  • ISD Credit Distribution Assistance: Benefit from our guidance on the distribution of credit from Input Service Distributor (ISD) registration to other GSTINs. We help you determine the appropriate credit distribution ratio, ensuring compliance with GST regulations.
  • Reconciliation Reporting Analysis: Gain valuable insights into your GST compliance status with our thorough analysis of reconciliation reports. We discuss and review your purchase registers against GSTR2B to identify any discrepancies and ensure accurate reporting.
  • Registration Support: Whether you need assistance with new registrations, amendments, or other registration-related matters, we’ve got you covered. Our experts provide comprehensive support tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Mismatch Resolution Strategies: Address the mismatch and unreconciled items proactively with our strategic advice. We help you implement effective strategies to minimize future mismatches based on reconciliation reports under GST.
  • Notice Response Drafting: When it comes to responding to notices from GST authorities, trust our team to craft comprehensive and effective responses. We support you in drafting responses that address the issues raised by the authorities, ensuring compliance and due peace of mind.

Advisory Services

  • GST Registrations Updates Assistance: We help in updating your GST registrations as needed due to changes in your product portfolio or additional places of business.
  • Opinion and Advisory Drafting: Get expert opinions and tailored advisory documents to address your specific needs.
  • Contract Review and GST Implications Advisory: We review contracts, agreements, and invoices, advising on GST implications and compliance requirements.


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