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Company Overview

AJMS Group (“AJMS”) is a network of consulting firms specializing in providing niche consulting proposition to its clients in the area of Strategy, Tax, Risk, Compliance, IFRS advisory, Distress advisory and Digital Transformation Advisory. The firm is led by Dr. Abhishek Jajoo, Founding Partner & CEO and comprises of professionals who have experience of working as Bankers, Regulators, Auditors and Legal Advisors. AJMS headquartered in UAE has presence in 14 cities across 10 countries with more than 400 employees.

AJMS provides comprehensive and factual consulting experience to its clients to equip them for an informed decision-making resulting in a business growth that has larger value creation for stake holders and empowers its employees. The firm assists organizations to effectively monitor and manage risks, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and expand the business horizon with innovative ideas. Their expertise in an array of services provides valuable insights to the clients which helps them to explore market conditions, mitigate risks and boost revenue.


Vision & Mission

AJMS Global aims to be a synonym of quality in the industry in which they work and for the clients they work with

AJMS Group aims to create an ecosystem that brings together world’s intelligentsia in the fields of technology, compliance, risk, tax, and corporate consulting. We strive to empower businesses to achieve their goals across their global footprint. We do this not as a service provider but as a partner. The brand takes pride in being a world-class GRC Advisory.

We believe in the social wellbeing of our people and allow them to set the course of their lives in harmony with their work patterns at AJMS Group. We facilitate creation of Entrepreneurs through creation of Intrapreneurs. Social and economic wellbeing of our people, partners, stakeholders, customers is a matter of highest importance for us.

We believe in giving back to the community through awareness raising, especially in the areas of corporate governance, fiscal regulation and financial transparency, and we are committed to spending a significant amount of our time on mass-scale awareness raising and training the ecosystem around these.

We aim to be the most trusted private sector advisor and technology disrupter giving the world newer, faster and better ways to conduct economic activities.

Message from CEO

I feel proud that AJMS Network has been able to create an ecosystem that brings together the best intelligentsia in the fields of technology, tax, risk, compliance, and corporate consulting. We strive to empower businesses to achieve their goals across their global footprint. We do this not as a service provider but as a partner. I am thankful that the economic watchdogs are repeatedly awarding AJMS and their Founder as a Superbrand, World’s Greatest Brands 2022 and Global Youth Icon. We could not have done it by ourselves. We are thankful to our people, our clients and supervisory bodies, who have facilitated and supported us in achieving these successes.

AJMS has raised awareness on a massive scale in the areas of fiscal and financial regulation and the efforts of AJMS Global have brought about a cultural change in the Middle Eastern financial market to curb financial crime and instill enhanced governance and transparency. We are the GCC flag bearers of ESG drive around the world. We reiterate upon the collective vision of changing the world around us in such a manner that everyone feels empowered. We emphasize on the spirit of global citizenship and refer to the famous UAE slogan: “Everyone is responsible”. As global citizens, it is of eminent importance that our journey to a more sociable, greener and sustainable society meets its destiny. 
In the end, I would like to invite you to join hands with us in achieving our goal, which is improving the quality of life around us. The pace, at which evolution is in progress around us, requires us to challenge common belief, have an open mind and a generous heart that yearns for giving back to the community.

Dr Abhishek Jajoo
Founder & CEO



Awards & ESG

Won 2023 UAE Superbrands Award

Signed an MOU with Dubai Economic Department, as their preferred partner, for creating awareness of new AML law for multiple sectors
Appointed by the Hamdan University to conduct a detailed study on Islamic Banking Industry.
Singed MOU with College of Banking & Financial Studies (a Central Bank of Oman entity) in Oman
Singed MOU with Afghanistan Banking Association in Afghanistan
Certified as ISO 9001:2015 compliant firm for the product and services delivered by AJMS for its clients,
Received Award from ACCA as “ ACCA Approved Employer – Trainee Development Programme, Gold”
Became an exclusive partner of ELSA (Google owned Company), an Education technology company for Middle East.

Global Expansion

AJMS Global has aggressive plans of expansion during the year 2023-24. By the end of the year 2024 we plan to have our full member firms and affiliates in UK, USA, China, Germany, Brazil, Australia and South Africa.

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